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Almost Famous is a new Alliance guild on Quel'dorei. We play during Pacific Time zone hours, from around 9 PM to 1 AM PST. We are looking for active players from around 20th to 40th level for our Worgen dungeon group, and from 80th to 85th for our main toons in regular dungeons, and heroics. Our guild leader is fully heroic geared for tanking. We'd like to find more people to run regular & heroic dungeons, and 10 player raid progression in the near future.
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Recruiting all classes, all levels

senera, Dec 28, 10 3:31 PM.
Almost Famous is a new alliance guild on Quel'Dorei. We are a tight group of players from the West Coast looking for more people to join our regular guild ran dungeon groups. We have a group of 20 to 30's that run lower level content earlier in the evenings, a level 80+ group that runs regular instances later in the evening, and an 85 group running heroics whenever possible. Our guild leader is fully gear for heroics, and is soon ready to start tanking 10 player raids.

Join a fresh guild and grow with us. We have oppertunities for anyone who wants to take a serious and active role in a new guild.

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